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Making a video for the Respect My Ride contest is as fun and easy as you want it to be. It can be live action or animated (or both). You can use sophisticated production software, or you can just shoot some footage of you and your friends. There are four things to consider and if you do these in mind, you'll do well.

1) Remember your target audience. You are sending the message "Respect My Ride - Please don't smoke in my car" to an audience of your peers. They are the ones you'd like to hear the message and they are the ones who will be voting.

2) Evoke an emotion. Given your target audience, going for funny is always a good bet - but some video producers may want to try to evoke other emotions too. How to be funny...? Watch your friends and watch some existing videos and see what makes you laugh. Then see what makes your friends laugh...and make a funny video!

3) Plan it out a bit. You'll probably want to write down your ideas. Off-the-cuff video rarely works well, so consider at least a basic script. And do a few takes, if you can. It lets you pick the best shots and gives you the ability to try different angles. Plus, it's fun and gives you time to "ham it up" a bit more.

4) Get it uploaded and enter the contest. You can't win if you don't play. Don't worry about what others will think - get it posted and let your fame begin!

Some good resources to get you started:

Free video editing software (usually all you need)

If you have a Mac, iMovie comes free with it. A great tutorial can be found at the Apple site.

If you have a PC, you can download MovieMaker for free from Microsoft or find it in Vista on the Start menu. A great tutorial can be found at the Microsoft site.

Adobe Premier Pro (a mid- to high-end product) is available as a fully functional 30 day trial edition at Adobe's site.

You may also have access to a more complete video production tool set at your school's video lab or at your local cable station.

Tips on producing your video

Local resources

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